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Slots for customised hand embroidered knits
8am on 23rd February 2024

An ever evolving selection of cosy knitwear for the little ones for each and every occasion and hand crafted whimsical fibre art for your (and their!) living spaces


Need some ideas...

Jayne flip me where do I start? It was an experience to even open the packaging, then the delicious smell hit me and then I could have cried- I can feel and sense the love and care you have poured into it. Then when you touch it - it is sooo soft. I don't like it, I adore it and it will be treasured forever. Thank you for your hard work and wonderful creativity xXx

Rachel McA



I'm Jayne (hi!) wife to one + mum to 3. Looking after them all keeps me busy but in those rare pockets of free time, you will find me working on my latest projects.


It all started a few years ago when I started making rainbow clouds for the little ones bedrooms as I found everything aimed at girls was pink + blue was typical for boys.  Where was the neutral stuff?  As a SAHM, what I did like tended to be a little out of my price range and even then it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

Most of my work is now bespoke personalised hand embroidery creations on knitwear that are equally perfect for every day life or a special occasion. Each piece is made with care, attention to detail, creating a truly unique customised personal gift.  All designs are hand embroidered by me (no machines here!), in my little space above the garage in the beautiful countryside in Northern Ireland.  Whether you are looking for a new baby gift, birthday present or something special to mark an important milestone (more requests for flowergirls and sibling announcements please!), you will have a lovely keepsake to be treasured.  You will still find rainbow clouds here (a new one coming soon!), a little bit of macrame and a range of beautiful handcrafted cushions that Emma from @littleloveni and I have worked closely on together.  If you are after a custom wall hanging, please get in touch for more information.

The way its working for personalised knitwear is that each month on payday weekend I open a number of slots depending on my workload for you to have the opportunity to order.  Keep an eye on my socials for further details.


Can't quite see what you are looking for? 
Get in touch about a custom make.  You choose every colour and detail

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Northern Ireland, UK

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